We recently heard from our friend and agent; the folks buying our home are hoping to close in the next couple of weeks. This is welcome news, as once they close, we will be able to close on our purchase shortly after. Ideally, within the next three weeks, we will be in a new home. It’s pretty hard to believe, even now when it is so close to being behind us. I guess part of that is due to us starting this adventure over 2 years ago. We are almost done, at least with the part of securing a new house – then, we’ll make it a home. 

As I look around this home, I see that there is still a bit of work to do. We have things to box up, things to take apart, and furniture to move out. If we keep to our plan, next weekend we will be getting a truck to move all of the large things out, and mostly live out of suitcases for a bit of time. In the meantime, it’s going to be interesting watch this house transform into an empty shell, waiting for a new family to call and make home. I have lived here only a few years, and my wife has lived here almost 10. But we are both very much looking forward to our new home. The home we picked from the many we looked at, and that we will be staying in for a long time. It’s easy to look just a month in the future, and lose a little focus on the here and now.

It probably doesn’t help that we are making our own plans for the new home. The excitement builds as we look to start framing out our own future in the new home. Mentally, we have both decided on which rooms will serve which function for us, and have even looked at some furniture that we’ll want to put in those rooms. It’ll be nice to have the room to do the things we’ve been wanting to do, and trying to do here in this house. It’s kind of hard to play music when I keep my gear all tucked away in a corner of the living room, and it has to be hard for her to paint or work on large fabric jobs that require the use of the dining room.

The hard part now seems to be getting moving again. We had many good reasons to slow down, and we of course took advantage of those. That’s not to say we stopped doing everything – we just had other things become priorities. Now, we turn our attention back to the house. We have band rehearsal tonight, which is always super enjoyable. Then, tomorrow and Sunday we will be taking some more boxes and items to the storage unit to be tucked away for a few weeks. I have a good feeling that just moving some things back into storage, and especially seeing how far we’ve come already will help engage those gears again. We really are very close, and we really are doing it right now.

Of course, on the other hand, I keep thinking of new things that I or we need to do that aren’t “move items out”, but more of the ancillary things that get done when moving. And, it goes without saying, we’ll be having friends over to share the excitement of the new place in. I can’t think of a better way to start off in the new home than some wine, cheese, and my closest friends. From that vision, I can certainly draw a lot of motivation to get going again!