As many of you know, the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx platforms are amazing for guitarists. They are not your typical multi-fx and amp simulation boxes. An incredible amount of development goes into each box, and in turn, an incredible amount of good tone comes out… at least, for guitarists. Fractal Audio hasn’t given bass players much love. The stock units come with exactly zero built-in bass presets.

I’ve taken it a bit upon myself to start bringing out some of the buried awesomeness of the Axe-Fx II from the bass player perspective. Today, I’m going to start with an incredibly simple preset that works very, very well with my Dingwall Combustion. Aptly named, Selta_Dingwall.

This preset is intended to be a starting point, especially for those of us with Dingwall Combustion basses. It’s a fairly aggressive tone that works well in the bands I’m in. Through out the series of posts here, I will make various versions of this for other play styles, FX chains and so on.

Click here to download Selta_Dingwall preset

As always, if you have questions about a preset, Axe-Fx II or anything at all bass related, feel free to email me at